Orrum Crisis Management Training: Enhance Your Organization’s Ability to Deal With Crises

Advanced hands-on training from practicing clinicians in a safe and controlled environment. Build confidence, handle high acuity-low frequency events effectively while improving patient outcomes.


    Led by experienced practicing clinicians, your team will have the opportunity to learn a range of detailed crisis scenarios. Training begins with a lecture and verbal discussion of the content, followed by realistic guided scenarios. Learners will be able to reflect on performance and debrief with detailed, targeted feedback.


    Every year, our crisis management specialists curate new curriculums for both Extracorporeal Life Support (ECLS) and Extracorporeal Bypass to ensure you always learn the most relevant and applicable skills.

    Enhanced decision-making

    Learners will build confidence and accuracy in their critical decision-making.

    Expert assessment and feedback

    Constructive feedback from experienced practicing clinicians.

    Safer, higher quality care

    Realistic practice in a controlled environment to ensure improved safety and care quality in real-life crises.

    Crisis Management in Perfusion

    Kenneth A. Ashton, MD

    In the setting of a catastrophic event involving the cardiopulmonary bypass circuit, it takes an “all hand on deck” approach in order to have a positive outcome. Recently I experienced complications in a cardiac surgery involving a massive air embolism in one of my patients;
    I quickly performed countermeasures whilst the perfusion team rose to the occasion.

    After taking Orrum’s Crisis Management Training, two colleagues and our perfusionist immediately assisted us providing further options and recommendations. It took a concerted and joint effort for our successful outcome.

    Cardiac Surgery Patient Safety

    How to improve your organization’s crisis response capabilities


    Contact our team to get details of our crisis management training options and book a convenient date.


    Train at either your location or our dedicated simulation center, with expert oversight and feedback.


    Start putting your crisis management skills into practice with improved confidence and outcomes.

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