Empowering clinicians and hospitals to provide unmatched patient care.

Orrum represents an innovation in the measure of quality, safety and performance in the practice of perfusion that significantly impacts patient care today and into the future. Developed by perfusionists unsatisfied with many traditional methods in collecting and analyzing data, Orrum offers services which unlock the latent power of perfusion data — amalgamating thousands of data points into a platform that is used to improve outcomes in real-time and significantly enhance the delivery of patient care over the long term.


Orrum delivers first-of-its-kind perfusion insights. Our data-driven approach to improving clinical procedures allows teams to report near misses and potential issues that can happen in the operating room, learning from defects and optimizing outcomes; this helps our customers make successful and sustainable patient safety improvements.



Orrum automates the process of collecting unbiased data that enhances the efficacy and efficiency of clinical procedures in the OR. Clinicians can now react to actionable data in real-time while also improving patient outcomes through the analysis and application of trend-data over time.



Orrum solutions optimize performance by improving quality and maximizing efficiency. The ability to merge and analyze the performance data obtained from the operating room devices, empowers our customers to confidently make impactful business decisions that greatly improve clinical performance while achieving high-value results.


unparalleled solutions

  • Patient Safety Organization

    The Orrum Patient Safety Organization (PSO) helps hospitals and healthcare providers reduce harm and save lives by performing activities that improve the safety and quality of patient care. Orrum serves as an independent, external expert that helps our customers collect, analyze, and aggregate their patient safety events to develop insights into effective methods that greatly improve quality and safety in the OR and enhance patient outcomes.


    Patient Safety

  • Center of Excellence Certification

    The Orrum Center of Excellence (COE) defines processes, procedures, and systems that promote excellence and exceptional care in the OR — the Orrum COE’s primary goal is to recognize hospitals and programs that reach the highest level of measurable performance and quality. Orrum offers levels of certification that demonstrate to the health care community an assurance of high-quality standards, defined patient protocols, and an advanced level of safety and performance in the OR delivering positive impacts on patient outcomes.


    Center of

  • CŌRE Registry

    Orrum proudly offers multiple registry solutions for your organization including adult cardiopulmonary bypass, peri-operative blood management and extra-corporeal life support. Our cardiopulmonary bypass registry utilizes information captured directly from medical devices such as patient monitors and heart lung machines to analyze perfusion practice in a manner which has not been widely available before. We stand ready to work with your vendor to integrate your granular data into this platform so your organization can benefit from these new insights.

    The extra-corporeal registry includes information about pre-initiation risk and existing risk stratification models (APACHE II, Preserve, Preset, Murray, and Respiratory Score) to better understand appropriateness of therapy. Organizations utilizing this registry have reported improvements in clinical practice, resource utilization and cost effectiveness.


    CŌRE Registry

  • Orrum’s Organizational Performance

    Orrum’s Organizational Performance solution utilizes experts with years of experience in regulatory affairs to evaluate your organization. Through our experts’ analysis of historical data and on-site evaluation, action plans are developed and implemented with a goal of enhancing your clinical team’s ability to perform safely and maintain the highest levels of regulatory compliance.

    Orrum is committed to long term partnerships with the organizations we serve. We offer continuous feedback in the form of detailed reports and remote observation to maintain your program’s level of excellence between regular on-site evaluations.



  • Healthcare Simulation Center

    Orrum offers fully-operational rooms that simulate an OR that are used to teach, assess and enhance clinician skills before they practice on patients. Traditionally, clinicians learn and practice in real clinical settings, which includes making mistakes on real patients. Orrum’s simulated environment lets clinicians learn, grow, be challenged, and even make mistakes without the possibility of patient harm. Our simulation sessions can be video recorded and played back later during a debriefing and coaching session to uncover undesirable clinician behavior that they may have been unaware of during the simulation. Simulating various experiences and then accessing and fine-tuning clinician performance prepares clinicians for peak performance in the actual OR.




Collaborating with best-in-class technology and industry leaders to deliver improved patient outcomes.

Orrum has partnered with the best technology companies in the field to develop groundbreaking programs that represent a revolution in data intelligence leading to unmatched improvements in the OR. Orrum was born of a commitment to quality and safety for all patients by the founders of Comprehensive Care Services (CCS). As an industry leader in perfusion, CCS was compelled to deliver new life-saving innovations uncovered internally to others in the industry through an agnostic platform in an effort to revolutionize patient care in the OR — it was through this vision that Orrum was formed. The entire industry and its clinicians now have the opportunity to benefit from revolutionized patient care through the transformation of clinical data into actionable knowledge.

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